Kitty Video Blogging

Willie B Bienville

~Flop FlopFlop~

Variety says–
“You would think most cats would not take on a project with Flop written all over it. You would be wrong. Most cats are not Willie B Bienville.”

(music: Benny Goodman’s Sing Sing Sing)

(99 seconds)

11 thoughts on “Kitty Video Blogging

  1. lb0313 says:

    well, that is obviously the end of any real work out of you!
    What a cutie

  2. VictoriaB says:

    Scout, that’s wonderful. You just made me smile for the first time on a supremely bad day. Not only is your tiny lead actor a born star, but your video-editing skills are admirable as well. It’s great to see you and Willie B. having so much fun together. More, please! Pretty please!
    Peace, V.

  3. scout says:

    Oh there will be more!
    The lil star is napping now though. I guess I wore him out

  4. MapleStreet says:

    Love when they are in the reckless kitten stage.
    don’t know if I should mention the name of the product. But love the cat toy you’re using. A lousy piece of wire with a couple of pieces of cardboard at the end – but it can drive even the most sedate cat in the world into abject, reckless play mode.

  5. scout says:

    Cat Dancer!
    Best damn cat toy evah! And cheap

  6. Athenae says:

    *makes grabby hands at Willie B*

  7. Jude says:

    Oh, Scout.
    Don’t you know that “Sing, Sing, Sing” is a Louis Prima tune? And Louis Prima is from New Orleans! Just like Willie B!
    When can I come pet your cute kitten? He’s just adorable.

  8. scout says:

    Jude…I learn something new every day as they say. “Sort of” fell into that New Orleans connection.
    Next video will have some Prima

  9. Joy says:

    Love it, love it, love it! What a sweetie.

  10. bklyn says:

    I’ve watched this stupid video about 10 times since last night.
    I laugh every time.

  11. slim says:

    You are torturing those of us with spouses who say “NO MORE MAMMALS!”

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