9 thoughts on “Pew News IQ Quiz

  1. Same as you. 9 of 9.
    Honestly, you could have guessed at most of those.
    But I’m sure I’d score in the lowest 4% on an American Idol quiz.

  2. Also, I think it’s crappy that they don’t include political affiliation in the demographic comparisons–but I’m a sociological-type nerd, so take that for what it’s worth.

  3. 9 for 9, but that’s not saying much considering the difficulty, or lack thereof, of the questions. One might be lead to think that they might well be difficult for those living under a rock though. As a snapshot of the citizens overall – well, God help us all. Sheeple ripe for slaughter.

  4. Well I got an 11…
    Seriously, the lack of awareness in the American populace is truly staggering.

  5. I confess, I only got 7 right. I couldn’t remember if both houses of Congress passed the increase in minimum wage, and the other probable miss I can’t figure out. I agree that it wasn’t a real hard test.

  6. 9/9. Why don’t they let you break out results by political party? Too embarassing for republicans?

  7. I managed to get all nine, but, to be honest, I guessed on the minimum wage questions–I knew the House passed the bill, but I didn’t know about the Senate, and I wasn’t entirely sure about the exact dollar figure.
    Looking at the results, it looks like those were the ones that tripped up most people as well.
    I guess that’s not surprising: the minimum wage is a national disgrace. There’s simply no way that anyone can live on that salary, not even down here in Loosiana. And the fact that there’s very little mention of this in the news reflects both that fact…and the fact that these days, sadly, issues affecting the poor are simply ignored by the news media. As a Political Science prof of mine said, way back in the early 80’s, the poor used to at least be pitied. Now they’re despised.

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