What Did I Miss? Not Much, Apparently

I’m back. After a week of rubbing elbows the Have-Mores in Vail, careening down the slopes in blissful ignorance of the events of the world outside the high country I suppose it’s time to get up to speed on the issues I once thought were important.

What did I miss? The world’s most desiccated racist is now temporarily unemployed. I bet most of you out there in blogland wish you had missed that episode as well. The surge is still surging, Big Time Dick is still playing the Terra Card despite the fact that our only ally is dumping the Assministration’s nomenclature of fear and the Iraqi government is on the verge of collapse over the lack of a timetable for withdrawl that Cheney opposes with all his spittle.

Karl Rove is still a crook, Spit-Comb Wolfowitz is an incompetent crook (is anyone surprised at all that Wolfie has to pay a woman $200k to be his girlfriend?), and Alberto Be-Out-Of-Your-Office-By-Five is giving roadkill a bad name.

Oh, and this guy is still president.

Larry Downing/Reuters

In other words, I didn’t miss much except for the fabulous guest-blogging of the talented Maitri. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “What Did I Miss? Not Much, Apparently

  1. Darn, they missed the alignment on that shot. He was SUPPOSED to look like he was squeezing the Virgin’s tit.
    Oh well, the Office of Snide Photographs can’t be ‘on’ all the time!
    Next week, catch ‘crazy’ shots of Boy Wonder putting his carrot into Churchill’s ear…

  2. Why is Gee Dubya standing in front of a picture of La Virgen de Guadalupe? It’s so incongruous.

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