FEMA warns will miss deadline for new National Response Plan

We are going on 2 years since Katrina and DHS still hasn’t developed a new National Response Plan. FEMA says they are “still shooting for a June deadline” but informed Congress they will likely miss the deadline for a new plan

WASHINGTON — A federal government plan for responding to emergencies
will not be ready in time for the approaching hurricane season,
officials have told Congress.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which bore the brunt of
criticism following the 2005 season when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
devastated the Gulf Coast, sent an advisory to Congress last week
acknowledging it will not meet its June 1 deadline for issuing a new
national response plan.

The advisory said development of the new plan had been delayed by
unexpected issues, and more time is needed to resolve them. No new
target date was set. In the meantime, a modified version of the plan in
place during Katrina will be followed.

“Every post-Katrina report cited the enormous flaws with the current
national response plan, yet here we are six weeks until hurricane
season and FEMA has once again dropped the ball,” said Rep. Bennie
Thompson, D-Miss., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.
“Failing to have a revised plan in place and relying solely on the
previously failed one is irresponsible and unacceptable.”


The plan was formulated as a comprehensive approach to handle any kind
of catastrophe, natural or man-made. The original plan was considered
to have failed in a number of areas during the 2005 hurricane season.
The White House ordered Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to
conduct a full review of the plan and to revise it.

Why does Chertoff still have a job? Yeah that’s rhetorical

2 thoughts on “FEMA warns will miss deadline for new National Response Plan

  1. forget terrorism, god forbid we have a major earthquake or other disaster.
    maybe FEMA needs to talk to the teevee gnews stations who always seems to be on the spot.

  2. It seems to me that anyone in the world would know by now that the United States is incapable of responding to any kind of real emergency in a timely fashion. That we haven’t been hit by another terrorist attack in light of our well-publicized unreadiness shows either that we have been very lucky or that the terrorists aren’t that interested in attacking us, or both.

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