5 thoughts on “Gonzales Testimony Tomorrow

  1. It was so insane last time I actually thought I wouldn’t participate if you did it again.
    However, I feel powerless to avoid it…
    *boo hiss*

  2. per FDL:
    Via Crooks and Liars, I hear that the the Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed the hearing with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales originally scheduled for tomorrow due to the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech. There are any number of law enforcement issue that may arise in the next few days, and I’m certain that Sen. Leahy had that in mind with this postponement. CNN is also reporting that the hearing has been postponed.
    Continued thoughts and prayers to the folks who have family and friends at Virginia Tech. Guess we’ll just have to wait to get answers from the Attorney General another day.
    UPDATE: According to the Senate Judiciary Committee website, the hearing has been postponed until Thursday, April 19th at 9:30 am ET.

  3. Man, while the FDL chat was going on during the Libby trial, I got NO work done at all.
    Guess what’s happening Thursday. I should just call in sick now. I’ll be bouncing between TWO chatrooms. EEEEEEK! Can you OD from chat?

  4. *bomb3*
    That is all.
    Wish I could join you Thursday, and maybe I can briefly, but I’ll be flying off for a short (and much-needed) vacation. Perhaps I can connect from the airport …

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