5 thoughts on “Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!

  1. A showboat exercise which, while necessary, is not going anywhere without the caucus discipline Rep. Kucinich cannot supplant by going it alone.
    He’s hurting himself in the caucus, which is rather his habit. And a symbolic victory of sorts will be clung to by those who don’t understand that SYSTEMIC problems cannot be removed by symbolic actions.
    We are getting close to Cheney’s last day in office, which will, IMO, be before 2008 (health reasons). I also think that they will nominate Chevron Rice as VP, and that she will sail through the Senate with only a whisper of protest.
    The caucus focussing on resurrecting the Justice Dept. is just the right sauce for this rotten goose, since the target has to include those representatives in Congress who are BLOCKING the way back, just as they greenlighted this mess in the first place. Trying to impeach (rather than indict) the VP — without the caucus — is political grandstanding (which is his stock in trade).

  2. Exactly. Dennis is the only candidate who isn’t controlled by big money. Obama, Hillary, Edwards… They’re just corporate shills.
    Let’s hear more about Dennis Kucinich!

  3. Here Here!!!
    I was listening to an old Dire Straits song this morning on the way to work and can’t help but think these words belong to Cheney, 30 years ago and now as well:
    “…I am just an aging drummer boy
    And in the wars I used to play
    And I’ve called a tune
    To many a torture session
    Now they say I am a war criminal
    And I’m fading away…
    …I have legalized robbery
    And called it belief
    I have run with the money
    I have hid like a thief
    Rewritten history with armies of my crooks
    Invented memories
    I did burn all the books…
    ..the man’s too big…the man’s too strong…”

  4. Impeach the man in charge

    You understand, of course, that when I say “man in charge,” I am not referring to the Dry Drunk-in-Chief, right?
    Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter…

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