Let Us Now Praise Harry Reid

I actually agree with Harry here:

WASHINGTON – After the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cautioned Tuesday against a “rush to judgment” on stricter gun control. A leading House supporter of restrictions on firearms conceded passage of legislation would be difficult.

“I think we ought to be thinking about the families and the victims and not speculate about future legislative battles that might lie ahead,” said Reid, a view expressed by other Democratic leaders the day after the shootings that left 33 dead on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Rushing to enact legislation so that it looks like you’re doing something is how we ended up with the Patriot Act. It’s not that I don’t want sensible handgun restrictions to be enacted, it’s that sometimes leadership means stepping back when everybody’s clamoring for forward motion.


5 thoughts on “Let Us Now Praise Harry Reid

  1. Just as the Patriot Act was already written waiting for 9/11, there must be gun control acts that are written.

  2. As much as I favor increased gun control – ok, I admit, I favor outlawing personal gun possessiion, I don’t like to see bills rushed out just to take advantage of a tragedy. What we need is a long serious discussion of the role of guns in our society and what to do to reduce it, not more laws, which wouldn’t have any effect on future VT type events in any case. One thing likely to happen if this gets pushed too hard is the current Supreme Court ruling that the 2nd amendment applies to every individual citizen, contrary to current rulings. That really would be a disaster.

  3. The one thing I’d say here is that – given the VT gunman’s prior exposure with the local police for stalking, with the VT faculty’s concerns for his mental health such that he had ended up on one facility’s ‘suicide watch – that must be a heck of a ‘background check’ that Virginia has that he passed…twice!

  4. Rep. Harmon has raced to reintroduce the Assault Weapons Ban, which is reasonable, should never have lapsed, and which is not a ban on handguns, but would affect the size of these destructive events by slowing the assailant(s) down.
    She, of course, is a backer of genocidal invasions using LOTS of airpower (which she represents; El Segundo plants for “Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and The Aerospace Corporation, which is headquartered there. It is also home to the Los Angeles Air Force Base and the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), which is responsible for space-related acquisition for the military.” — wikipedia).
    So she isn’t very popular in the rest of her district (including Santa Monica and WLA). But putting the Assault Weapons Ban back into place would be solid accomplishment for Democrats and gun control advocates, so kudoes to her on this.

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