Bush Brigade Update

Neill Bush’s two oldest children form his first marriage – Pierce and Lauren – are both in their twenties yet neither one is serving their country in the Greatest War Evah.

Worse yet, they made an appearance yesterday in France to celebrate the opening of some Commie department store.

Model Lauren Bush (R), niece of U.S. President George W. Bush, poses with her brother Pierce at the first anniversary of the opening of the Pinko store in Paris April 19, 2007.REUTERS/Charles Platiau (FRANCE)

7 thoughts on “Bush Brigade Update

  1. Do they really feel it necessary to identify Lauren as a Republican? Isn’t it obvious from the vacant, idle rich stare on their faces?

  2. Bushes celebrating with “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” at a Parisian store named “Pinko”?
    That’s perfect.

  3. Couple of pinheaded little goofballs. Can’t wait until we don’t see any of these freaks any more.

  4. i think it ment ‘on the right’, in case we couldn’t tell the upper class twit on the left was a male. a very stupid looking male.
    and what the fuck is she wearing?
    and why is pierce dressing like Ahmedinejhad? doesn’t that make HIM a terrist?

  5. Peirce IS NOT NEIL’s Child
    He is either
    1. George W Bush’s kid
    2. Or the mutant love child of Alfred E. Newman

  6. Lib4, you beat me to it. The young lady is very pretty if rather vacant. But the boy? If that isn’t Alfred E. Neuman in the flesh, I’m Indira Ghandi.
    I wonder if the two young’uns speak French.
    Peace, V.

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