The Zombie AG

I still say Chimpy is too stubborn to fire Gonzales, and Alberto himself is too selfish and stupid to step down voluntarily. It will be interesting to see if the “adults” can convince one or the other that we need a new Attorney General.

White House insiders tell CNN that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales hurt himself during testimony before a Senate committee Thursday on the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

The sources, involved in administration discussions about Gonzales, told White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux that two senior level White House aides who heard the testimony described Gonzales as “going down in flames,” “not doing himself any favors,” and “predictable.”

“Everyone’s putting their best public face on,” one source said, “but everyone is discouraged. Everyone is disappointed.”


[S]ources involved in discussions with White House officials say,”People are a bit shocked. He didn’t win over Democrats and he may have lost a few Republicans. No one privately is saying it’s a homerun. No one is saying he did what he needed to do. There’s faint praise like he didn’t get killed. We understand he’s on shaky ground.”


One White House insider points to the comments by Republican senators as a troubling sign for Gonzales. The problem with the testimony, according the insider, was that “every senator except for Orrin Hatch was not helpful, even senator John Cornyn was frustrated. That’s not good.”

“His [Gonzales’] tactic was inexplicable. He keeps saying I know why I made the decision, but I don’t know anything else,” one source said.

4 thoughts on “The Zombie AG

  1. Gonzo has a major problem: if he tells the truth about just about anything, he is toast. If he doesn’t, he lacks the intelligence to keep his lies in a row. As a result he is just tongue tied. He is everything most of us expected when he was appointed as AG.

  2. I don’t think its about Bush’s stubbornness. Its about what would happen if he got rid of Gonzales.
    He would then have to nominate a replacement. If he nominates one of his toady insiders, the Senate would rip him up in confirmation hearings, asking LOTS of embarassing questions (embarassing for Bush), and then not confirm him anyway. If he nominates an outsider, that outsider might actually, you know, DO his job, meaning even more investigation of the White House (as well as aiding the Congress in knocking down the White House stonewall).
    Nope, Gonzales stays. But out of necessity, not stubbornness.

  3. As a kid, I remember a TV show where everytime someone said “I don’t know”, buckets of green slime would rain down on them.
    Could we install this on the hill? It would definitely improve C-SPAN’s ratings????

  4. After weeks of intense “preparation” the best Abu G could come up with was “I don’t recall/remember/know” and that’s expected to be acceptable. Clearly the answer should have been, “I can’t tell you because then you would impeach me and my masters.” Preferable but not likely.
    Obviously the intention is to make it personal and incompetence and all about Abu G for a number of reasons, mainly to deflect attention away from the politization of the Justice Department, for continuing GOP power, and for all the little ways they support and enable Bush/Cheney/Corporate objectives.
    Just keep hammering that point. Gonzales’ faulty memory isn’t incompetence, it’s covering up the miserable, delusional, and/or corporate greed driven agendas of the Axis of Venal-Bush/Cheney/Corporations.

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