Friday Ferretblogging: The Recovery of Fox Edition

He’s indestructible. Not that we want him to be otherwise, but seriously, he’s almost a superhero at this point. Can leap for raisins in a single bound! Can … chase his tail a lot … okay, he has no superpowers, but he’s been home from the vet a week, has put on a tenth of a pound (they only weight two or three pounds as it is, so that’s a lot) and is starting to eat solid food from his dish again. Which is good news, because he freaking HATES his medication, so the sooner he’s off it, the better for my hope of one day having my arms be scratch-free.

He’s a good boy.


11 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: The Recovery of Fox Edition

  1. Real inquiring minds want to know who bought those awful, awful Robotech novels by Jack McKinney. Even worse – you have a copy of Forrest GUMP! Was it you, A., or your husband? 🙂

  2. I was all set to criticize having Piers Anthony on the same shelf as Tolkien, then remembered that I have a slew of Star Trek novels on the same shelf as Tolkien.
    So I’ll limit myself to saying, Great Bookshelf, A!
    And deeeeeeeeeelighted to hear Fox is doing well. May he be underfoot for a very, very long time.

  3. Just a thought for when giving the little bugger his meds – stick him in a shirt and tie the shirt up so only his head is sticking out. Sounds worse than it is, but I found it works, at least for cats.

  4. Yay, Fox! So glad to hear the little guy is doing better. Is it possible he’s missing his brother Joey? Good health be with you all.
    Peace, V.

  5. but a shirt doesn’t help the eventual diarhea. and i have had long years giving cats meds. and i have some big cats. oh dear. in the future i might have too give sybil meds!!! and BASIL! i better remember that shirt thing.

  6. what’s really disturbing is that Mr. A doesn’t just have one robotech novel. It’s that he bought one, read one, and then decided to read five more.
    love the ferretblogging, btw. good luck on the mend to fox…

  7. Glad to hear Fox is on the mend. Always look forward to ferret blogging. I see you’ve taught him to read too, your ferrets are exceptional.

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