Dana Peroxide Is Bigger Bitch Than Pony Blow

Via Froomkin, I give you the repellant Dana Peroxide.

From Dana Perino’s interview with CNN’s John Roberts this morning:

John Roberts: “The hearing yesterday, would you say that ‘brutal’ would be an accurate way to describe it?”

Perino: “Well I didn’t have an opportunity to see the whole hearing, I’ve heard different, varying accounts, I would think brutal might refer to Alec Baldwin’s voicemail message that he left to his daughter.”

What the hell does Alec Baldwin’s privat voicemail message, leaked by his ex-wife’s attorney, have to do with our lying Attorney General?

4 thoughts on “Dana Peroxide Is Bigger Bitch Than Pony Blow

  1. CNN has their own little Fox and Friends going now in the AM. It’s pretty damn sad when your network has to make a change because Soledad O’Brien is doing too much hard news. As for Perino, there’s no there there anymore in this administration. There’s zero value in talking to them, they live in a perfect circle of lies and corruption. I read at TPM that Bush pulled Nancy Pelosi aside at their meeting to tell her he didn’t criticize her trip to Syria, it was the State Department. They lie as easily as they breathe in this White House.

  2. If she’s that busy reading the tabloids, maybe she ought to resign.
    Reading them? Hell, she was prolly there when they *wrote* it.
    I heard some of my office mates giggling about the Alec Baldwin thing this morning…I shoulda suspected immediately that it was the latest from the Noise Machine.

  3. whoa, she pulled a fast smoke and mirrors. and ever so chicky to use something for the am idiots.
    resign? she is hitting her stride. this is how the bishevics work. slight of hand.
    and kim has herself a hardassed lawyer.
    alec has to schedue phone calls to his kid?

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