I tend to get one song, from iTunes or wherever, and it wears out my speakers. I listen over and over and over. A few months ago it was Hem’s “Carry Me Home.” Then it was Coldplay’s “Kingdom Come.” Lately it’s been this:


5 thoughts on “Music

  1. TD says:

    Lisa Hannigan recently left the band (I believe Damien pushed her out, actually), and as much as I love Damien it amounts to the end of a remarkable under-the-radar era of terrific music. Stockpile everything you can up to this last CD release, plus find the great song Don’t Explain on the Herbie Hancock record that had the John Mayer collaboration on it.

  2. virgotex says:

    “This creative relationship has run its course”- Rice said about Hannigan. A lot unspoken there, sadly.

  3. BuggyQ says:

    Damn. That’s good. Why is it I always find the cool stuff after it’s over?

  4. Den says:

    Who is this band?

  5. cannablog says:

    Is that alright withyou?

    Hat-tip Athenae.

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