2 thoughts on “Jeebus

  1. It really is true that when wingnuts try to be funny they just expose their racism and hate. That article from The Cornell American was just pathetic and ugly at the same time.

  2. My letter to the Cornell American:
    The claim to be representing any viewpoint historically know as “Conservative” has to be proven by deeds.
    Merely aping the blather of others with some claim to be able to channel the past as proof of this method of challenging the views of others is at best foolish and at its worst hateful. The apparent lack of intelligence shown by some articles in the CA reflects poorly upon the University. That the funds provided by the students are spent to enable this incredible waste is proof that while speech must be free is should also be fair and honest.
    True “Conservative” values are not the policies of hate. They are actually the values that reach between the divisions of thought and deed to bring forth harmony and understanding. The hateful and demeaning words put forth to bring distrust between people in University and the surrounding community are not “Conservative”. I am sixtyone years of age. I have been a Republican for my entire political involvement.
    I am a true Conservative in that I believe the intention of the Founders of our Nation meant for us to be
    inclusive of all people. True it took a terrible war to enforce the Constitution but that is behind us but for afew idiots that reccomend weapons in the hands of some to dominate those they refuse to understand.
    A more truly concerned “Conservative” would allude to the unfairness of the enforcement of laws that
    endanger the freedom of people of color and would engage the whole of the populance as equals.
    My best advice is to call yourselves something more descriptive of your actual intent. You are not ever
    going to be “Conservative”.

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