Your President Speaks!

Today, at Camp David, during a mini-presser with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

The Interest of Maintaining Peace

Our talks were very relaxed, but they were strategic. We think about the interest of our country and we think about the interest of maintaining peace in the world.

Maybe Abe Will Puke On His Father

One such issue, of course, I brought up to the Prime Minister is I’m absolutely convinced the Japanese people will be better off when they eat American beef. It’s good beef, it’s healthy beef; as a matter of fact, I’m going to feed the Prime Minister and his delegation a good hamburger today for lunch.

I Look Forward To Welcoming Here

I hope he comes to my ranch soon. I looked forward to welcoming here to Camp David, but I also look forward to taking him down there — one might call it a little slice of heaven.

Department of Redundancy Department

In Iran, we speak with one voice to the regime in Iran.

There’s Always Complicated Trade Issues

Any time you have a lot of trade, there’s always complicated trade issues.

Drain Bamage

On all issues, there is a — whether it’s this issue or any other issue, is that we will work with our partners to determine how long.

Gotta Have Those Other Words

And so it is — he ought to know that if he makes right choices, there is a way for him to be able to deal with a listing that our government has placed on him; in other words, there’s a way forward.

Withdrawing Troops From Iraq Is Dangerous For The Troops

I think it — I’m just envisioning what it would be like to be a young soldier in the middle of Iraq and realizing that politicians have all of the sudden made military determinations. And in my judgment, that would put a kid in harm’s way, more so than he or she already is.

Side note: Although he was asked two direct questions about Kim Jong-il Chimpy refused to utter his name, referring to him as the “leader of North Korea” or the “Norht Korean leader” nine times.

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  1. Yeah, Chimpy, wouldn’t it be terrible to be a young soldier in Iraq discovering that politicians have made military determinations — like taking you into a war with no goals, no strategy, and every detail designed for maximum political gain for the politician. That would be really terrible, especially if the politician in question started the war by lying to the American people about the need for and the causes of that war. Wouldn’t that be terrible indeed.
    Does that man even LISTEN to his own words?

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