4 thoughts on “Happy Mission Accomplished Day, America!

  1. MY EYES! Once again, that outrageous photo of King George with the codpiece. What a ridiculous staged public relations photo op. Disgusting. And look at where we are four years later. What a nightmare.

  2. What a stud! Man, how can the Democrats ever top that? Where, oh where can we find such a stud? You know, of course, that all a stud is good for has nothing to do with governing? But, man look at that stud!! Now we know why Jenna and not-Jenna are so…ok, maybe we don’t need a stud afterall.

  3. Jeez, somebody pass me the brain bleach and a wire brush.
    And let me just say in passing, if, after gathering up everything he’s got into one spot, that’s all the package he has, I feel sorry for Laura. Or I would, if I cared about her either.

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