Friday Ferretblogging: More Macro Edition

So the feedings work like this. Fox, who is still improving and is now thankfully off his meds, eats what he wants plus another couple spoonfuls of his regular food mashed up with some turkey baby food (ick) and vitamins, and then Stripe, who is clearly just wasting away, licks the dish clean.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: More Macro Edition

  1. When Saint Rudy is acclaimed Preznit, all you and yer terrist loving weasels will be shipped off to Gitmo where you belong!

  2. pansy would snarf the food i tried to get my boy cosmo to eat to gain weight. only she gained weight. of course now the spares have chased off all that fat.
    at least he gets the dregs.

  3. You will never believe what I just saw in my backyard… there I am, making my coffee, and this thing is loping across my yard…
    Looked like a giant ferret. at least 2 feet long, maybe 20 lbs…
    I’ve lived within 20 miles of here (south of boston, along the coast) for 30 years and I have Never Ever seen anything like it before.
    beautiful… and I was happy 10 years ago when just the foxes and coyotes had come back…

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