13 thoughts on “Evolution?

  1. Ack … sputter … barf. Thanggod they’re not making it anywhere. Huckabee is such a douchehose, it kills me.

  2. I don’t think Brownback, Huckabee or Tancredo have evolved all that much, to be honest. Mental sponges in human form…

  3. What the hell does evolution have to do with politics, policy, and leadership? With solving the nation’s and the world’s problems? I know that the Pukes want to bend over ass backwards for the fundie-dummies, but why even ask that question at a political debate?

  4. The answer to that question is important because it makes manifest who will continue the current hostility toward science into the next administration.

  5. On behalf of all Coloradans, I apologize for inflicting Tancredo on you all. What an embarrassment to the not-as-evolved-as-I-wish-we-were human species.

  6. They could have asked how many believe the earth was created less than 10,000 year ago. Or how many believe the global warming is a hoax perpetrated by our enemies. Or how many believe AIDS is God’s punishment for gays. Darn press just won’t ask the critical questions.

  7. Why not ask how many of them don’t believe in gravity? Or any of those other new-fangled scientific ideas? Maybe some of them don’t really believe the earth revolves around the sun. We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, aren’t we? And this is the cream of the Republican crop?

  8. Yeah, Huckabee’s a piece of work, all right. And an effective Dad, too:
    “(Miller County, Arkansas) Two boy scout counselors, 17 year old Clayton Frady and 18 year old David Huckabee, the son of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, have admitted to catching a stray dog during their summer session at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, AR, and hanging the dog by his neck, slitting his throat and stoning him to death.
    Camp officials, who did not report the crime to law enforcement officials, have admitted that the act did occur and have fired the boys from their positions. However, no charges have been filed against the young men.
    Arkansas State Police conducted a perfunctory investigation, but did not attempt to locate witnesses to the crime.”

  9. 30%

    Ive been having an experience this week with polls and 30%. You know how, you get a number stuck in your head, you keep noticing it? Well, its not exactly 30%, but lets call it three-tenthsish. Watching different polls this week, i…

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