More on NOLA levees

Given the story in National Geographic on flaws in the levees in New Orleans below, I thought I would share some of what we saw recently in New Orleans.

First here is the London Ave Canal breach by Robert E Lee Dr. and Pratt Dr. as pictured before repairs on 11/4/2005. (more here)


Below are photos we took of the same area in late March 2007 after repair work:



Where the levee breached you can see new walls. The levee appeared armored there. But standing right next to it are the old I walls (as opposed to new T or L walls-more here) The ground is not armoured and appears to be gullied by erosion.

It didn’t exactly instill confidence in us but we aren’t experts. If any of you are we’d like to hear your thoughts.

One thought on “More on NOLA levees

  1. Not an expert, but know more than most. First thing jumps out at me is you never want deep root brush or trees on a levee as can lead to their being undermined. Both the old and new pictures look to have trees on them. I was out by the plantations northwest of NO on the river the other week and their earthen levees looked well maintained; with only grass growing on them.
    The job looks unfinished, not enough earth support to keep from being undermined. Agree that if the old levee design was no good, does not appear to be enough to tie the new into the old. Probably out of money.
    Another thought, I recall the levees being good for a level III hurricane (assuming they hold). As these are the same height, what happens when you get a IV or V?

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