Dick Cheney Shoots A Pony In The Face

New Harris Poll:

Vice President Dick Cheney is not exactly popular. A recent Harris Poll reported that only 25 percent of the public gave him positive ratings while fully 68 percent rated him negatively.

Here’s a prime set of responses to a simple question:

Which of these do you think are good descriptions of Vice President Dick Cheney?

Favors the rich over the middle class
Good Description 56%
Not Good Description 21%
Not Sure 23%

Too powerful
Good Description 38%
Not Good Description 38%
Not Sure 24%

A strong manager
Good Description 37%
Not Good Description 36%
Not Sure 28%

A good person
Good Description 36%
Not Good Description 34%
Not Sure 30%

A bad influence on President Bush
Good Description 30%
Not Good Description 38%
Not Sure 32%

Usually tells the truth
Good Description 26%
Not Good Description 46%
Not Sure 28%

2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Shoots A Pony In The Face

  1. Holden, what about that 18 percent that they quote all the time? Where is that from? Who is that?
    I wonder what his ranking is on people who “count” aka, Halliburton, oil execs, multi-billionairs? I’ll bet he’s like really high there.

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