GAO knew that

The news that Kansas National Guard is lacking equipment needed to respond to the tornado devastation in Greensburg because it is instead in Iraq would not come as a surprise to those who read this GAO Obsession post from January. In that post I wrote…

As regards the NG’s readiness the GAO reported…

DOD does not routinely measure or report to Congress the equipment
readiness of nondeployed National Guard forces for domestic
missions.DOD’€™s legacy readiness reporting system and its annual
National Guard equipping report to Congress address warfighting
readiness but do not address the Guard’€™s domestic missions.

On average, states and territories had about 50 percent of their
authorized inventory
of dual-use equipment available for domestic
missions. (dual use=authorized for warfighting missions but could be
highly useful in responding to domestic events). The map below shows the
percentage for each state and territory. Note that Washington D.C. is
one of the lowest at 35.6%

If you want to check out your state, the map described above can be seen here with a better image on page 31 of the pdf.

BTW Kansas had 50.6% of authorized inventory according to the GAO.

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  1. Note that the Kansas National Guard only has 50.6% of the dual use equipment that it is authorized to have, and that better than 50% of the equipment is does have is in Iraq, leaving it with only about 25% of the equipment it needs at home.

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