It’s Official: Bush Is Less Popular Than Carter

There’s a new USA Today/Gallup Poll out today in whcih Chimpy’s job approval rating fell two points to 34% (while his disapproval rating rose to a staggering 63%).

This marks his eight consecutive month with a sub-40% approval rating, the worst string of polls since Ricahrd Nixon and Harrry Truman, surpassing Jimmy Carter’s stretch of seven consecutive sub-40% months.

Americans by nearly 2-1 disapprove of the job President Bush is doing, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. He scores a net disapproval rating in every area of the survey, including the economy and terrorism.
His lowest ratings — 30% approval, 67% disapproval — were for his handling of the situation in Iraq.

The telephone survey of 1,010 adults, taken Friday through Sunday, shows Bush’s overall standing continuing in the doldrums, at 34% approval, 63% disapproval. The poll’s margin of error is +/—3 percentage points.


Bush has entered his eighth month below 40% approval — the longest stretch of such low ratings for any modern president except Harry Truman during the Korean War and Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

President Carter endured two seven-month stretches below 40%.

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