Trouble In The Client State

I don’t think the Bush Assministration planned for this.

Afghanistan’s government should hold direct talks with the resurgent Taliban and other opposition forces, the Afghan senate said in a formal vote on Tuesday, in a bid to end the rising bloodshed in the country.

The senate, the upper house of the Afghan parliament, also urged Western troops in the U.S.-led coalition and Afghan forces to halt the hunt for Taliban fighters and other militants.

The motion comes at a time of rising public discontent with the government of President Hamid Karzai over civilian casualties at the hands of Western troops, corruption and the failure to turn billions of dollars in aid into better livelihoods.

3 thoughts on “Trouble In The Client State

  1. just imagine where afganistan would be if georgie had not gone to iWaq, but actually ‘finished’ the job in afganistan.
    now he has lost 2 ‘wars’.

  2. Point of information – is it correct that “senate” is not capitalized in the original article, or is this an (of course, accidental) oversight? Seems to me it would be a proper noun? I ask because if U.S. houses of government were printed in lowercase, I think some might take offense.
    Yeah, because, ya know, there obviously isn’t anything else for me to worry about right now…
    Just sayin’.

  3. Tuesday blogroll!

    I’m off work today (Happy Harry Truman Day!), so it’s time to see what our impeccable (and growing) blogroll is coming up with…let’s get to it!
    Being that it is Harry Truman’s birthday, I guess we should mention that not everybody agrees on, sha…

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