Your President Speaks!

Last night, in Washington, at the Republican National Committee Gala.

They Know New! They Know New!

The enemy we face is fearless. They’re mean. They know new — they know new — they know no boundaries of civilization as we know it, see.

Our Soiled Soul

But the enemy that’s causing the car bombs, the enemy that is causing the spectacular deaths of the innocent is al Qaeda, the very same people that launched the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 citizens on our soul — soil.

Not Satisfactory Of What Was Taking Place

I told people that, you know, had they — had I been one of the people that answered a poll last fall, I would have said I disapprove of what was happening in Iraq. It was not satisfactory to me of what was taking place.


The other choice that I made, in consultation with our military folks, was rather than pull back, to send reinforcements into the capital of that country, all aiming to give this young democracy an opportunity to do the reconciliation work necessary to have a country that can defend itself, govern itself, sustain itself, serves — serve as an example to other moderate people, and be an ally in the war on terror. And that’s exactly what the policy is we’re — we’re now following.

There Is Some Positive Signs

And yet, there’s some positive signs.

Confidence In A Goverment

There’s — people are gaining confidence, slowly but surely, in a government, because security is improving and therefore there’s more tips, more information being passed on to Iraqi forces and American forces so that we can help that society have the security necessary to do the hard work.

There Is Some Interesting Principles

Education is to a state what national defense is to the federal government. In that statement, there’s some interesting principles.

Drive It In Your Cars

One of these days I can’t wait to go out West where it’s a little dry, and see all the switchgrass farmers that are growing product necessary to produce ethanol so you can drive it in your cars, and we become less dependent on foreign sources of oil.

Junk Lawsuits Suing The Docs

One thing is for certain: We’ve got to make sure, if you want health care to be available and affordable, to have good policies that counter this notion of driving good docs out of business. What I’m telling you is there’s too many junk lawsuits suing too many doctors, and we need to have medical liability reform in the United States of America.