Something about the updates to this has been annoying me for days:

Somerby comments below: “Is there any sign that Giuliani had ever heard one word about this? Aren’t we most likely dealing with staff work here? Are you sure this account is fully accurate?Do we want the press to stop the bullshit attacks against Dem candidates? Or do we want them to start such attacks against Reps? Do you think Giuliani knew this woman had a handicap? Do you think his staffers did?”

What, really, makes a bully stop bullying?

Personally, I’d like the Republicans to get a taste of it for a while. Ann Coulter called me a traitor and said my friends’ workplace should be blown up and Michelle Malkin implied that one of my heroes shot himself in the foot and Ass Missile said that my profession’s highest honor was awarded to murderers and every day they get to see their people slobbered over and ours condemned with no reason for either and as long as there’s no reason, let’s flip the switch.

I’d like them to be ashamed of what they are and who they are for a while. I’d like to inspire a little soul-searching. And I’d like to remind people who seem to think this makes me a very rough-edged, terrible person that nobody really gives a shit about who’s nicer to who on the Sunday shows so long as their lives get measurably better, so can we please just drop all the high-horse crap that’s been infesting our conversations lately? Outside the pundit classes giving each other handjobs in the Senate coatroom, nobody cares if you’re a nice guy or not. Do the job. Then we’ll worry about your tone in meetings.

Our aim isn’t to get anybody to do stories about anything, I think. Our aim is to shut the attack machine that fuels this kind of nonsense up. If the cheerleaders for that attack machine see how efficient it truly is, from the inside out, maybe they’ll think twice about turning it on every time somebody gets a haircut.


7 thoughts on “Superiority

  1. So did you see that story about Willard Mitt Romney? I guess it was about how his hair was teh HAWT for women. Why don’t they do a story about that?
    If a democratic person does some thing evil it is ‘You hypocrite! You are against evil!”
    If a republican person does some thing evil it is “Well what did you expect?, he’s a republican!”
    So let’s flip it
    If a republican does something good (in our mind) let’s make a big deal out of it to their base. “Hey, Rudy is ANTI-Gun!”
    We really really need to praise him for his views on Gun Control.
    I also think we should comment on what nice hair Willard Mitt Romney has. He has such nice grooming and he really is a snappy dresser. Not a hair of place. His skin looks great too. Does anyone know about his skin care regime? Does he use a exfoliant?
    And Weather Vain McCain? I hear that he is really sweet to the media. He is an excellent cook. I understood he prepared some of the delicious food for the press himself.

  2. I don’t think we need to worry about the questions you highlighted there. I wish the circumstances were such that we might, but my bet is that Rudolph’s (or Rudolph’s staff’s) treatment of these people has already been propelled down the memory hole by a swift kick in its butt — at least so far as Our Nation’s Greatest Papers™ are concerned — and won’t come ’round no more.
    Just my gut sense, and I’ve been wrong many times before. On this one, I’d like to be wrong again.
    With kind regards,
    Dog, etc.
    searching for home

  3. You want to inspire soul searching?
    You assume too much, namely, that that have souls.
    Inspire their children, and in so doing prevent their children from losing their souls.
    it’s the best revenge.

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