Where’s Laura?

Hmmmm… we know Laura Bush is in Washington.

[Rep. Ray] LaHood and [Dan] Meyer [Bush’s liaison to the House] got into a shouting match as emotions ran high and voices were raised yesterday morning in the White House while lawmakers were waiting to meet with first lady Laura Bush, according to two legislators who witnessed the exchange.

So how is it she did not attend the Republican National Committee Gala at the DC Armory last night with her husband?

I wish Laura were here. No, I know it. I’m proud of her. She is a — she’s a gracious, lovely person.

Could the National Enquirer be right?

UPDATE: Laura skips Military Spouse Day.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming. I wish Laura were here to have been able to greet you. She would be just as impressed as I am today by the wonderful stories and the great compassion of our recipients who, I know if they had to give a speech, would say they just — they’re just doing what they love to do, and they represent thousands who are doing the same thing.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Laura?

  1. The piece about the Rove-led spat in the corridor with House GOP was great! My one house rep., Mike Castle, was with the group who met on Tuesday. We figure he was only trying to bring in some brownie points to his blue state constituents. We like to remind him that talk is cheap and that he has voted for everything Bush wanted except stem cell research. Everything.

  2. Is she still living in that DC hotel and not in the White House? How come the media never reports on that?

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