Link It: For the sake of the Nation

Why care about New Orlean and South Lousiana? Well because if for no other reason, it affects you. It has been said many times before but read this from John Barry, the author of Rising Tide, on the importance of South Lousiana to the nation.

Without action, land loss will continue, and it will increasingly
jeopardize populated areas, the port system and energy production. This
would be catastrophic for America. Scientists say the problem can be
solved, even with rising sea levels, but that we have only a decade to
begin addressing it in a serious way or the damage may be irreversible.

all this and President Bush’s pledge from New Orleans in September 2005
that “we will do what it takes” to help people rebuild, a draft White
House cuts its own recommendation of $2 billion for coastal restoration
to $1 billion while calling for an increase in the state’s contribution
from the usual 35 percent to 50 percent. Generating benefits to the
nation is what created the problem, and the nation needs to solve it.
Put simply: Why should a cab driver in Pittsburgh or Tulsa pay to fix
Louisiana’s coast? Because he gets a stronger economy and lower energy
costs from it, and because his benefits created the problem. The
failure of Congress and the president to act aggressively to repair the
coastline at the mouth of the Mississippi River could threaten the
economic vitality of the nation. Louisiana, one of the poorest states,
can no longer afford to underwrite benefits for the rest of the nation.

South Louisiana has sacrificed for the nation. Justice is due. But if that does not persuade you then certainly the importance of what is at stake here for the nation should. Make people aware of what has been tragically negelected

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