Ponies Like Apples, Not Oranges

Chimpy’s job approval rating in the new Gallup poll is 33%, down one point from their previous poll (34%) and just one point higher than his all-time low in that poll (32%).

Gallup measures Congress’ job approval rating at 29%, and I’m sure much will be made of that number in the media and on the right. However, it’s not very wise to compare the job approval rating of one individual to that of an entire branch of government. Apples and Oranges, my friends.

More can be gained from a comparison of the job approval ratings of two individual leaders, say – Nancy Pelosi and George Bush.

Nancy Pelosi’s job approval rating in the latest AP-Ipsos poll is 45% (with 41% disapproval), while Chimpy’s is a meager 35% (with 61% disapproval). Now we’re talking Apples to Apples!

5 thoughts on “Ponies Like Apples, Not Oranges

  1. Congressional approval in this instance has a LOT to do with Democratic dissatisfaction about the pace of chance and frustration with Congress NOT STANDING UP to Bush enough.
    Those people are certainly NOT going to vote for Republicans in 2008

  2. Liberal fever swampers will twitter that it’s cuz the Congress didn’t go far enough left. Truth be told, the Dems proved in no-time-flat that they are as corrupt as the Repubs, though the GOP Congress set a dauntingly high track record to overcome. But Pelosi’s greed and the unreported billion-dollar graft by Sen. Feinstein to her hubby’s firm [and let’s not forget Harry Reid and his in-house lobbyist kids] all combined to show Mitch McConnell and Tom DeLay that they were tyros in the peculation department.
    And let’s not forget Murtha and his brother Kit. Two real Irish mafia types.

  3. Attaturk’s right. I would say I’m dissatisfied with Congress right now — though it’s a ghostly shadow of my dissatisfaction with the Executive branch — because they’re being too cautious, too reluctant to take on this out-of-control President. Reading my dissatisfaction as a sign that the people are really right of center, or that we want “conservatives” is missing the point entirely.

  4. I figure the low job ratings for Congress reflect the fine work of people like Jerry Lewis, Orrin Hatch, Joe Lieberman, et al.

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