Wingnut Lookalikes

HeeHee…Just go look

(lots of pics so it takes a few seconds to load)

Come back and share your favorite. I’m still deciding

5 thoughts on “Wingnut Lookalikes

  1. lb0313 says:

    Definately Joe Scarborough

  2. virgotex says:

    That said, I don’t get the Cheney- Alexis Denisof connection. Hands off my Wesley!

  3. pansypoo says:

    not as good as SPY, but J-lo, micky kouse and friedman are on the money.

  4. Ferrari says:

    Malkin’s obvious but still freaking hysterical. Coulter’s kind of unnerved me.
    I also am struck hearing the words: “This is Hugh. Hugh has bitch tits.”

  5. scout says:

    I still can’t pick one. That was a great post for the photos and links

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