Dems Caving?

From AP

WASHINGTON – In grudging concessions to President Bush Democrats intend to draft an Iraq war-funding bill without a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops
and shorn of billions of dollars in spending on domestic programs,
officials said Monday.


While details remain subject to change, the measure is designed to
close the books by Friday on a bruising veto fight between Bush and the
Democratic-controlled Congress over the war. It would provide funds for
military operations in Iraq through Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal


Democratic officials stressed the legislation was subject to change.
They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized
to discuss provisions before a planned presentation to members of the
party’s rank and file later in the day.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent at TPM — “We’re told by sources that the leadership is not confirming this story. So we’ll see…”

4 thoughts on “Dems Caving?

  1. Is anyone suprised by this? Maybe they should threaten to issue subpoenas “one last time” if their demands aren’t taken seriously.

  2. Disenfranchised Americans: Republican, Democratic, Independent and Americans of conscience in every other party are acting together to force changes in American parties platforms. Our goal is to affect the course of the ship of state and cause both primary parties to adopt our platform, or have the support we gather vote for the party that does include
    our platform. We the American people demand change in this nation which has gone astray. FIRST and formost a stop to all experiments involving torture against private individuals and citizens of the United States, whether they involve the furthering of military experimental studies or behavioral modification to dissuade commercial competition, or for any other purpose. Public REVIEW of all foreign aid packages; upon discovery that such aid is ill-advised based on current political and or military security, such aid to be decreased or withdrawn. Public review and revision or revocation of NAFTA and GATT that have resulted in the reduction of jobs and the industrial base in the USA. Increase in the number of Senate, Congressional, State and Local acceptance of and action on letters from the public complaining of systemic abuse and corruption, as it is now routine that that such reports of corruption go unread, unaddressed and unanswered. That investigations into deliberate “clearing” of the population to allow an influx of foreigners be assigned a high priority, in addition to complete investigations and expressed PROHIBITION of ANY “Eugenics” or related activities in any way affecting the American public by ANY parties public or private. As an example, the following proposed legislation about human rights and the course of a genuine American Constitutional plan to restore our nation. Support the privately proposed BILL “Safeguard USA” from John Mecca. Attacks by government agents and by self-selected illegitimate and illegal vigilante-type individuals and groups on innocent men, women and children in their homes within the United States by using implanted microchips and microwave gun and other devices is going on all over the country. The following proposed BILL titled “Safeguard USA” was sent to all Senators Jan. 11, 2006. Thousands of web sites have stories about ordinary people reporting the same activity. Fraudulent profiles are used to allow adding names of anybody to “enemy combatant” lists, making it “lawful” to launch fraudulent and entirely unnecessary “investigations” using devices that destroy the immune system of those under surveillance. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, clergy are not immune from being placed on the lists of those to be placed under this form of investigation; then there are the innocent women and children also being attacked in this manner. Read carefully then take action.
    The US government, federal, state and local authorities are using microwave and acoustic weapons as well as implanted devices in concert with criminal elements to attack thousands of Americans openly in their homes right now today and every day. This is a well-documented fact and well known but not reported in any mainstream news. Demand your Senators put an immediate end to this despicably inhuman unamerican illegal harassment and attack by calling and eMailing their offices in support of the “Safeguard USA” Proposed BILL. Many lives are in serious danger; your efforts will insure that Freedom in this country still does exist. A full copy of the BILL is below for review. We need your help to implement a strategy of pressuring American Senators to simply do what is legally and morally right. Support passage of this BILL regarding innocent Americans plight: what is being done to a relative few can and will be done to all. It is up to all Americans to denounce these traitorous, illegal, despicably criminal and inhuman activities on American soil. The Legislation proposal has already been sent to ALL Senators and 100 Congressmen, Most Media Outlets Newspapers, TV Networks and Magazines. Totaling approximately 240 letters with the Safeguard USA Legislation and explanatory letters; the plan is for 100 or so more. Because of cost only Calif. and NY Congressmen were sent letters. Write & call to all you can. As you will read in the Legislation, Senators have 30 days to respond favorably. If they refuse to address properly the issue to INSURE SPECIFIC PROHIBITION OF THESE ALREADY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, then we need to send follow-up letters to those we first wrote saying that the Senators refused or did not respond and therefore they are endorsing nothing less than TORTURE of private individual American citizens on American soil. This is no “theory”, these activities are being perpetrated with the knowledge and in some cases illegal participation of many government entities, even though they VIOLATE every principle and rule of American and International Law, and every precept of basic human decency, morality and sanity. Let everyone know that when and if they refuse then they are in favor of TORTURE of their own citizens without trial and in front of their families. YOU could very easily be NEXT if YOU allow this nazi activity to proceed ANY further on our U.S. soil. This is mentioned as well in the legislation. Get on board against this nazi activity NOW. NOW is the time for all Americans to come to the aid of their Nation. God Bless you, and may you find strength, Courage, and Freedom. Again, GO about a campaign of writing to get the people in this country to pay ATTENTION, especially referencing Guantanamo and other secret prison torture activities wherein your letters pointedly tell about torture right here in our own homes, inside our own U.S. borders. Proposed Legislation Letter sent to all Senators follows:
    To: Honorable Senators: Senate, Washington D.C. Urgent: U.S. Citizens Tortured and Murdered Under Guise of Experimentation & Investigation Inside U.S. borders. Honorable Senators: This is a request to have the new Bill titled “Safeguard USA” brought to the attention of the Senate. We ask you as a Senator to endorse it and immediately pass it through to Congress. Text of the “Safeguard USA” Bill follows along with explanation as to “the” why of its purpose. Reasons you will benefit from presenting this Bill to the Senate are multiple. Private American individuals are rapidly losing confidence in the legitimacy of our government, and raising their voices in perfectly justified indignation. Internationally, America has been identified as a bastion of Human Rights, yet even now those rights are routinely violated all day every day. By supporting this Legislation, citizen, activist, and other groups around the country will endorse you and a re-awakening of respect will be part of your legacy. You need to do this to retain any moral authority or legitimate claim to leadership. You can save lives and stem potential dissent that must result from ANY continued allowance of these heinous, inhuman, unamerican illegal criminal activities. You can save lives that are covertly and secretly being destroyed with the encouragement of illegal, amoral, illegitimate, unamerican, unethical and entirely criminal elements within our own governmnet and society. You can stop a nazi infection, which if allowed to continue will divide and very possibly destroy our beloved Nation, as that is the aim of these criminals. Above all, in doing so you will save our nation and bring back our country, gaining the confidence and trust of We, The People once again. If you do not take a stand for what is right, you will forever lose the trust and faith of the American people. You have 30 days to answer this inquiry. Should you not answer within 30 days, it will be understood from your inaction that you are actually in FAVOR of allowing covert torture using directed radio waves andsecretly implanted devices on U.S. citizens inside their houses being done by the U.S. GOVERNMENT and its criminal associates. Subsequent NOTICE will be made to the general public, media and industry as to where you stand on this proposed legislation titled (Safeguard USA). Obviously constituents,
    media and industry that are contacted with your decision will be more than upset if such legislation is not wholeheartedly endorsed. All persons who have Authority to stop such activity and do not, will be accomplices in these already Capital Crimes.
    This letter is on behalf of many thousands of U.S. citizens being tortured in their homes right here in the United States. All of their requests to authorities for help have been ignored, and their own research into this matter indicates secret National Security policy is responsible. If you do not know about or do not wish to believe that such things are going on as described, regardless there legitimately must be such a law as that proposed in this correspondence to prevent these most heinous and despicable of activities on our American soil. If you truly don’t know about this it may have to do with the phrase “Need To Know” used to keep even Senators from knowing about these activities; so you should demand from the CIA, NSA, FBI, “Homeland” Security and Police the facts about it, and then consider that they will be telling you half-truths. Such a law should be on the books regardless of the beliefs of non-technically oriented individuals. Those who are victims are reporting the same torturous behavioral and immune system destruction technology being used, such as directed energy radio frequency and implanted devices. From their research they are finding that it is being done by a combination of law enforcement investigations together with military-run corporate research, sanctioned by many policy annunciations and in concert with various illegitimate outlaw individuals and groups. One of many legislated policies that appears to be used and needs to be made moot is the U.S. Code “War and National Defense” Subpart 1520a; this statute has text that can and evidently is now being ilegitimately “interpreted” to “look the other way” and thereby allow these arbitrary and capricious illegal activities to be directed at any private individual American citizens.
    Such deplorable sociopathic legislative debacle must be corrected by proposing and passing the enclosed “Proposed Legislation (Safeguard USA)”. Any and all Americans, indeed
    Senators, too, might very easily now be implanted with a covertly installed microchip yourselves, or become targeted subjects of directed energy mind control experimentation to sway your opinion through hypnotic suggestion or decrease your mental acuity in order to force you to defer much of your reading and decision making to others. Our investigation has shown from experience that people doing this have chosen extraordinarily wealthy people, police, FBI Agents and on a subjective basis, there are indicators from watching prominent politicians on television that they may be victims as well. Symptoms can be as simple as waking up haggard, insomnia, just as you are drifting off to sleep feeling shocks or seeing faint lights or hearing mechanical sounds. It would pay for you to follow up and learn as much as possible about these things; a large number of private individual Americans across the U.S. have supplied information that could certainly be useful to save America from these despicably unamerican criminal activities. Additionally as a separate issue, we ask for your immediate
    endorsement to fund a new Federal Agency to be called “Safeguard USA Corps” which will be chaired by private persons who have been victims, to oversee Counter-Surveillance of ALL illegal electronic attack and or harmful electronic investigative activities such as described in this letter using existing advanced technology to detect and arrest ALL offenders regardless of unconstitutional extra-legal pronouncements used in carrying out their objectives.
    Further details of this proposed “Safeguard USA Corps” will be sent upon your response to our priority issue of the Proposed Legislation. Your liability is genuine as we will bring the attention of the American people to this issue affecting their most basic Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. In advance of any legislative process you must consider that if it is diluted to any degree it will not be effective as regards to this proposed legislation formulation. The American people will in fact take action in regard to any opportunity to bring those to justice who defer or ignore this demand of immediate CESSATION of actions against Constitutionally protected American citizens and private individual Americans. Be additionally ADVISED that many thousands of victims mentioned are being used to hide the actual true numbers affected, which research has been developed suggesting that a full 1/2 of the U.S. population may already have been implanted with advanced polymer plastic implants nearly impossible to detect. The symptoms where people are sensitized to radio frequency energy can be modest enough that such victims have few if any symptoms; however upon their general sensitization being accomplished the operators of the transmitters can increase the energy
    and modulate the frequency to cause heart attack, stroke or death along with conditions such as auto-immune disorders, syndromes, mental depreciation of concentration or diminished
    capability or simple sleep deprivation symptoms even without causing outright insomnia. “Proposed Legislation”: “Safeguard USA” PROHIBITED with liability of Criminal Penalties are any action on any private individual American or United States citizen where they are harassed, arbitrarily placed under “investigation”, attacked, or experimented upon without their express personal signatory knowledge and permission, which in either case where methods are used that can adversely affect their physiology; enforceable regardless as well whether or not those carrying out such activities are aware of the adverse effects being present.
    This Statute is in force for any action on any private individual American or United States citizen where they are experimented on without their express personal signatory knowledge of and express permission to do so. Methodology prohibited by this statute include but shall not be limited to: acoustic devices such as LRAD, radio frequency, microwave, “see through the wall” technology, drugs, gasses, biological materials, hypnotic methodology of any kind whatsoever, electromagnetic energy, internally implanted OR external microchip receivers/
    transmitters, photon device whether hybrid or not, masers or any device emitting any kind of electromagentic energy. Prohibited by this statute is the use of such devices mentioned herein by any and all branches of government whether Federal, State, or Local Authority, or by any private source foreign or domestic without exemption. Furthermore no legal or extra-legal authority may grant or even entertain special mitigation of the prohibition of the use of such devices and techniques for use on any private individual or any American citizen. Such prohibition is in force regardless of any reasons even when National Security Issues are considered to be at risk; due to there being issues presented during the formation of this statute that such assertions of National Security as an issue has been ABUSED and will therefore continue to be used as a shield to permit heinous immoral acts, therefore such shields must as well be prohibited. Covered by this statute are all Entities or Persons mentioned as having used, or potentially could have or may have caused others to use such devices and technology mentioned, as Criminally LIABLE and Civilly LIABLE without ANY LIMIT whatsoever on Punitive Damages, whether or not it was known by them while they were committing such acts
    or where they were unaware such technology could adversely affect the persons being targeted, knew of such dangers, as it is the obligation of the Authors, Operators and Managers of
    such already illegal, amoral, unamerican, unconsionable and unconstitutional activities to know of such issues of danger having to do with such activities, and thus by their participation have knowingly comitted criminal acts against private individual Americans and U.S. citizens in VIOLATION OF LAW.
    This legislation will be effective retroactive to the time where ANY mentally or physically harmful effects have caused harm to any US citizen or private individual American, whether or not such citizen was stripped of their full citizenship rights by any secret legislation not disclosed to them. In addition, all and any FOIA / FOIL requests where reference to a persons being exposed to potentially dangerous methodology as described here must under this legislation without exception have their requests properly filled without redaction, and their request exempted from all exemptions that could be used to refuse their request. Furthermore no agency bar none is exempt from FOIA / FOIL requests even such as the “Homeland” Security Agency. Additionally, even such Agencies which have exemptions permitting their refusal to answer, including ANY Agency or Organization having exemption from FOIA /FOIL requests, as well as ALL private Entities AND Persons MUST under this Legislation FULLY COMPLY with ALL REQUIREMENTS to ANSWER FOIA / FOIL requests pertinent
    to the issues contained herein and Subject to the Penalties outlined within this Legislation as described. ALL efforts are to be made to investigate and release records pertinent to the
    use of ALL human beings that have been used in the way described in this Statute for the purpose of apprising them of their being targeted. Such efforts will further be in the form of Public Announcements in newspapers, radio and television at the sole expense of the U.S. Government, to commence Immediately upon Passage of this Statute.
    “Penalties”: PENALTIES for breaking this Statute and being found Guilty are MANDATORY 40-year sentence WITHOUT possibility of parole. This Liability Of Penalty applies to ANY person regardless of political rank, military rank or civil service rank, as well as ALL civilians including medical doctors or researchers and their associates, as well as ANY Person who KNOWS about such activities but does nothing to immediately REPORT such activities, whether or not a superior tells them to say nothing; where saying nothing makes them an accomplice to these crimes by their silence. Liable Parties would include enforcement authorities who refuse to listen and/or take all applicable legal action when told of such activities by whistle-blowers or victims and/or refuse to investigate properly where by this statute they are required to investigate with the legally authorized use of technology existing for such purpose, where such equipment is to be paid for by the U.S. Government. Destruction of files pertinent to such human experimentation and other criminal activities as specified within
    this Statute, and unreported posession of ANY files of projects having to do with such human experimentation, attack and/or investigation as mentioned herein are also LIABLE both Criminally and Civilly regardless of their being in posession or keeping by government or private organizations or persons. Destruction of files DESPITE their existence after the fact of destruction will carry the SAME PENALTIES designated herin for any and ALL such persons engaged in ANY of these activities, and for their superiors. NO legal exemptions to this statute are permitted for ANY Agency or Person including agency heads and these PENALTIES also APPLY to foreign persons regardless of their having diplomatic or ANY other form of immunity, irrespective of Treaty or ANY other codicil.
    This legislation SUPERCEDES ALL Immunity and Exemptions for independent action by ALL civil and military authority executives. Where further as an issue all laws, statutes, policy, directives and practices to experiment or act as proscribed herin on ANY U.S. citizen or private individual American without their express personal signatory knowledge of and permission, are hereby considered Illegal and Moot; where such prior laws, statutes, policy, directives and practices allowing such are required to be removed from all files of any kind. All such permissions from subjects when obtained as stipulated by this proposed legislation upon its adoption are required to be sent notices monthly reaffirming their permission and consent in writing where they would need to sign anew such a document and then send it back to the requesting authority, otherwise their non-return of said consent automatically
    expires the permission to continue the experimental activity on that person; this is for the expressed purpose of PROTECTING AND PREVENTING ALL PERSONS FROM ANY AND
    ALL FURTHER ABUSE OR POTENTAL ABUSE. Such permission contracts are REQUIRED to be specially worded with a statement at the very top of the first page of a Monthly Notice made in Bold #16 Typeset Print having the following statement: “You have given your Authorization to be experimented on for the following described experiment “. Furthermore, no person is allowed to give their permission to do ANY experiment on another person regardless of the anticipated subjects mental capacity to understand the issues, wherein another person takes responsibility for such permission, as such action on behalf of another is ILLEGAL and PUNISHABLE by 40 Years Imprisonment without possibility of parole, for engaging in volunteering a Person. End of Proposed Legislation.

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