Lott would kick their ass off his porch if he had one

Via Think Progress is a Bloomberg piece on Trent Lott and the insurance industry…

The Senate’s No. 2 Republican has become the industry’s No.
1 critic in Congress ever since he lost a house to Hurricane
Katrina in 2005. While Lott recently settled with his insurer,
State Farm, after a year-long court battle, he is continuing the
fight in the Senate. His experience, the senator says, has
convinced him that an industry he defended his entire career is
in need of reform.      

“I’m like a woman scorned,” Lott says. “I’m prepared to
continue to kick their fanny until the last day I’m alive on
this Earth because they have mistreated too many people.”


And every taxpayer would probably want to kick some Allstate “fanny” if they read this.

5 thoughts on “Lott would kick their ass off his porch if he had one

  1. That’s compassionate conservatism for you: they get real compassionate when the issue bites them in the ass; until then, they’re “conservative” about it.
    Glad you could join us, Trent! Now how about HEALTH CARE insurance reform…

  2. I’m having trouble processing this whole business about being sympathetic to both Trent Lott and John Ashcroft in the same week. End Times, man…

  3. Waaaah F*&k%$g Waaaah! I used to work in Trent Lott’s hometown of Pascagoula, and I can truthfully say I’ve rarely seen a more two-faced self-indulent lying POS bigot than Lott.
    When the Insurance companies (starting with State Farms) did a stealth rollback of deductions from a fixed amount to 2% of total assessed property values in 1998, Lott did nothing about it.
    He spent years working to limit people’s right to lawsuits against any business interests, including the insurance industry. He worked to put offshore oil rigs on the barrier islands which, had they been there when Katrina came through would have caused the wreckage of the coast to be covered in a thick layer of oil.
    And did I mention that Scruggs, the attorney who is most prominent in fighting the insurance companies, is Lott’s Brother-in-Law?
    Yes, his house was wrecked, one of many that included half the homes in Pascagoula and most of the homes along the coast (including mine). He didn’t have adequate flood insurance coverage even though he could have afforded it, which is more than most of his neighbors could say. He could have worked for years, especially after Hurricane George in 1999, to boost flood insurance coverage along the coast for everyone. He didn’t. Now he crys because his house was wrecked and he has to dip into his book sales revenue to pay for repairs.
    Waaaah. Save your pity for the people who don’t have the resources to fight the insurance companies and pay for restoring their homes and lives.

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