That’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama, People

Today’s editorial published in the Tuscaloosa News.

Jimmy Carter’s criticism of George W. Bush’s administration as “the worst in history” in international relations may have violated the code of politeness for former presidents. But Carter’s remarks, published Sunday, are deadly accurate.


Bush’s many miscalculations, his shallow scholarship and his arrogant obstinacy — coupled with consistently bad advice from those within his presidential bubble — have led us directly to the tragedy that has unfolded in Iraq.

Attacking that country was just as Carter said — an “overt reversal of America’s basic values” that runs counter to the policies of previous presidents.

Carter’s failure to resolve the hostage crisis in Iran and the fuel shortages during his own administration led many to criticize his performance as president. Yet he never abandoned American idealism. In 2002, he won the Novel Peace Prize.

That kind of idealism seems out of Bush’s grasp.

One thought on “That’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama, People

  1. maybe the dems caving won’t be so bad. they have been TRYING to stop georgie. (heh joemental! who’s side are you on??? fucking CN!). the republikkkans are stuck with the assministration line.
    which side is america on?

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