4 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. I can’t make it tomorrow but you crazy kids have some fun. I think Ms. Goodling’s best hope is to appear before the House like that woman in the GoDaddy ads because the truth ain’t gonna help. I give the same advice to Gonzo – an appearance before Congress dressed like Richard Simmons may put an end to your required appearances on the Hill because nobody wants to see Abu G. oiled up in short shorts. Except maybe President Bush and Jeff Gannon.

  2. can’t be there tomorrow… but I am hoping that Conyers declares her in contempt — inherent contempt? — and has the marshals arrest her on the spot!!! I bet she starts singing immediately, in between gushing tears… spill the beans, Monica! Thanks for the great writing Athenae, Holden, Scout — once in a while, I need to remember the bloggers I love to read and thank you for making my life less stupid! (It’s like the whole country took a big stupid pill years ago and can’t wake up…)

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