Ladies and Gentlemen, The Secretaries of Education and State


Yes, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is an Idol fanatic.
Go ahead and ask: How crazed is she? Spellings is the first in the Bush cabinet to attend a show. It happened earlier this month, and she and daughter Grace even compared notes with judge Simon Cowell. Like Cowell, they loved ousted Melinda Doolittle. “I am shocked over the Melinda situation,” says Spellings. “I am confident that she’ll have a great career.” For finale week, “My pick–Jordin.” Another Idol fan, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, also chooses Jordin, but she likes Blake’s style, too.

4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Secretaries of Education and State

  1. mooncat says:

    I’m just a lowly blogger sitting around in pajamas all day, but I don’t have time to watch American Idol. With the world in such a mess, how does Condi Rice find time for fripperies like Idol? Especially since she has to do her hair and get all dressed up every day.

  2. Peter VE says:

    Between these two and Ann Althouse, I can understand why Republican men may come to the conclusion that women are unable to be serious intellectuals.
    By the way, what is Hilarys Idol position?

  3. pansypoo says:

    my, what high standards she has.

  4. Sinfonian says:

    Not to insinuate that I know much about this subject or anything, but Secretary Spellings crashed and burned on Jeopardy! last fall …

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