The Final Days of Karl Rove

While the big-time bloggers are anticipating the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales I wonder if we are missing signs that a bigger fish will fry.

I believe we may be about to witness the beginning of the end for Karl Rove.

Consider: an immune Monica Goodling is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

[Goodling is seated, second from right in this photo.]

Although I’m sure her truthfull testimony won’t help Gonzales keep his job I can’t help but wonder what damage she will do to Karl Rove. She was, after all, the liaison between the White House and the Department of Justice. Was it Karl Rove who directed her to screen DOJ applicants for their Republican bona fides? Did Rove direct the US Attorney’s purge through Goodling? As these and other questions are asked and answered Wednesday the noose will tighten around Rove’s well-insulated neck.

Should he survive Goodling’s testimony Rove’s destiny may have another date with an immunized functionary. The Douchebag of Liberty informs us that former Abramoff aide/Rove aide Susan Ralston has requested immunity from Henry Waxman’s House Oversight and Governmental Affairs Committee. 

[Ralston and Rove]

One must assume that if Ms. Ralston feels compelled to seek protection from prosecution arising out of her testimony before Congress she must believe she witnessed, and participated in, the commision of a crime.

The next couple of weeks should be most interesting for Unka Karl.

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

3 thoughts on “The Final Days of Karl Rove

  1. what a pasty white party(yes, did see the 2 not pasty, what is their problem?). notice the indian/black? is on the perimeter.

  2. I don’t think offering these people immunity is going to encourage them to tell the truth–it’s going to encourage them to lie and protect Rove and Bush.
    Before we offer Ralston immunity, let’s see what Goodling has to say FIRST. If it’s obviously bullshit “I don’t recall” and “Not me or anyone I knew”, then subpoena their asses and grill them WITHOUT immunity.

  3. Is this park outing the only time in her life that Monica Goodling has been photographed? The one photo that keeps being shown on every tv story about her seems to be from the same location. Weird.

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