Just because kitty blogging

Willie sleeps right next to my pillow each night. Last night I took a camera
to bed and snapped these photos of him sleeping. He would move each time the flash went off.


12 thoughts on “Just because kitty blogging

  1. virgotex says:

    He looks like he’s really grown in the last few weeks. Do you think he’s going to be a big guy?

  2. oyster says:

    That’s some extreme cuteness, there.

  3. scout says:

    I think he’s gonna be big. He only gets dry food. I think if he got canned food and table scraps he’s be enormous because he always wants to eat—my food.

  4. flory says:

    Nothing cuter’n a sleeping kidden…

  5. dancinfool says:

    Every orange tiger striped kitten I’ve ever known has grown into a huge adult and enormous pillow hog. And it’s good to know that you’ve got him right where he wants to be… 😉

  6. lb0313 says:

    Hey scout- what a cutie he is – I bet he gets as big as Boots.
    I’m out here without my address book – so I’m also going to go OT to mention that my Dad passed away early Monday am. All very peaceful (and I’m fine, honest. Mom’s ok too.) Home next Monday!
    More Willie posts would be cheering…

  7. Michael says:

    Scout–I’ve held off on saying this just because…but Willie B.’s coloring reminds me a lot of my late, great buddy Earl the cat: a sweet as sugar orange and white Maine Coon/Tabby Mix.
    Here’s hoping Willie B. maybe embodies a smidgen of Earl’s wonderful spirit, along with all of his own…

  8. Penguins In Burma says:

    He’s a very lucky boy that Willie B. Give him kisses from me ..kisses on his little kitty lips. Kittens are one of life’s best presents

  9. scout says:

    Oh Christ lb0313 I am so sorry. I’ve been thinking of you. Wish I could give you a big hug. I have more to say but privately. Know I am thinking of you and your Mom.
    I’m working on a Willie video…OK?

  10. attaturk says:

    So sweet my pancreas just exploded!

  11. BuggyQ says:

    I’m so sorry, lb0313. If there’s a moment when you’re not fine, come here and we’ll all give you tons of virtual hugs. And Lord knows more Willie B can’t hurt either.
    Take care of yourself. We’ll all be thinking of you.

  12. The_Other_Sarah says:

    Oh, lb0313 … condolences, dear.
    May your father’s soul savor the Summerlands always, and you and your mom remember always the best about him.

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