Worst. Contest. Ever.

So this is like a slapfight between two drunken mentally defective bears falling down a hill together. Several thoughts:

1. Wow, is Joe Klein happy with himself.

2. Somebody gave Bob Shrum money to write a book about how he keeps losing presidential elections. My checking account is off somewhere throwing up right now.

3. Joe Klein to mirror: “Who’s the sexiest? Who’s bringing sexy back? That’d be you, baby. That’d be you.”

4. Shrum will parlay his book into further media opportunities, spreading his bullshit to other arenas, and more candidates will hire him because he’s everywhere, giving his advice. Thus perpetuating the cycle of FAIL unto the next generation.

5. Joe, when a source asks you what you think, it’s not your job to tell him. It’s your job to turn that around and get him to talk MORE. Seriously, this is like journalism 101.

6. I once prescribed loving relations with a rusty chainsaw for anybody who came out and wrote some tell-all (I had written “tell-ass” and on second thought, that might be the right spelling in this case) dishing on the Kerry campaign. I have not changed my opinion on this.

7. This is hard. I don’t know who I want to win. They’re both so stupid.


3 thoughts on “Worst. Contest. Ever.

  1. Yeah. The name of Shrum’s book shoulda been “No Excuses: Confessions of a Serial Loser-Campaigner”. I don’t want either one to win. It was a low point for me when Kerry hired Shrum. I did not know that he was getting advice from Klein. Double-whammy knock-out for a campaign.

  2. I don’t want either one to win. The American people have already lost, and will continue to lose until both of those losers retire or get canned.

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