For ‘Em Before He Was Ag’in’ ‘Em

In regards to today’s attrocious Supreme Court decision regarding employment discrimination Scott Lemieux writes:

The effect of Sandra Day O’Connor being replaced by Alito is particularly stark in this case. O’Connor–who was offered only secretarial jobs after graduating third from her Stanford Law class–had a good record on gender discrimination, while Altio’s record on both gender issues and civil rights claims more broadly is atrocious.

May I point out it was not the Sainted Sandra Day O’Connor (or her seat) who flip-flopped on this issue, but rather it was renowned 1970s pornography aficianado Clarence Thomas.

Justice Clarence Thomas, who once led the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sided with Goodyear.

Five years ago, Thomas joined his liberal colleagues in a 5-4 decision that made it easier for victims to complain about long-term job discrimination or harassment when shabby treatment was extended over a period of months or years.

Five short years is all it took to change Thomas’ mind. So much for precedent.

4 thoughts on “For ‘Em Before He Was Ag’in’ ‘Em

  1. “True, but if O’Connor was still on the Court CT’s vote would have been irrelevant…”
    Well, you could make that assumption I suppose. However, it appears that five years ago she voted otherwise.

  2. I’m surprised it took Clarence Thomas five years. For my money, he is the worst justice on the current Supreme Court, bar none, not just because of his ideology, but because of his intellectual laziness. He has asked fewer questions at oral argument than any of the other justices, his opinions are full of holes and he is more interested in showing his conservative bona fides than in upholding the Constitution.
    Oh, and he was the ONLY Supreme Court justice in Hamdi who said that it was perfectly Constitutional for Bush to hold anyone as long as he wanted without any charges or trial. Even Scalia drew back from that. Of course, neither Roberts nor Alito was on the Court at that time, so we don’t know if they would have joined him in that egregious opinion, but as of this minute, Thomas is the biggest fascist on the court, based on that opinion.

  3. not fighting a BAD election has consequences. THANKS KERRY.
    ohio should have been redone at the very least.
    fuck needing an answer the day after.

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