I never know if people are going to like (or watch) my little videos but I make them because they are another form of expression and they seem to renew my spirit.

This one is sort of an updated version of one you probably have seen with a Louis Armstrong classic that was set to scenes of Good Morning Vietnam (and footage of Mr. Armstrong performing). However in this vid I revisit a post I did on Bush’s legacy being a Tale of Two Cities, Baghdad and New Orleans, though I think it extends to all of Iraq and the Gulf Coast.  

For what it’s worth…

17 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Speaking just for myself, I watch your videos, and like them quite a bit.
    This one is, like your others, high quality. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Scout, I love your videos.
    But did you have to use the Kenny G playover?
    It makes me shudder. Or maybe that’s just the earth quaking as Mr. Armstrong spins in his grave.

  3. That was great, Scout – thanks for sharing. Funny, at first glance I thought a couple of those Baghdad pictures were actually New Orleans – such as the one with the pile of garbage in the street and the people walking by, or the one with the x’ed out circle. Looked so familiar at first, if it weren’t for the uniforms or the script on the signs…you picked good pictures to show similarities between the cities.

  4. nolagal…ya know I was having trouble because there were such incredible similarities to many photos that I thought…Can’t use them, people will get confused. I guess that says something

  5. I love your videos! And I know it takes a lot of effort to put them together, collect the source material, synch it to the tunes, etc. A lot of crafting for a 2.5 minute piece. Your video making skills are obviously growing- you’ve done a great job of putting across all the tragic irony and anger.

  6. Scout, you just made me cry. Those first pictures the New Orleans I remember, and it breaks my heart. Bravo, and thanks.

  7. I like your videos. Keep it up.
    (frakin client in Dallas doesn’t have a sound card in the POS computer I’m using, so I don’t watch them here…but still…)

  8. Well, there is one difference
    Bush put Irag in his SOTU address and budget…
    Fabulous – I think of your earlier post on this every time we run into a Humvee patroling our street!

  9. Great video, I noticed that you used an image from Arabi Wrecking Krewe,. They the are veterans and musicians who help clean out homes for fellow musicians. I’ve reposted it to my website New Orleans Voices For Peace.

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