A Lousy Month For Everyone

May was a hell of a month in Iraq, thanks to Chimpy’s useless surge. It was not only the month in which the third-highest number of US military deaths occurred (124), May was also the month in which the third-highest number of Iraqi civilians were killed.

Deaths by month: May was the third-deadliest month for Iraqis since The Associated Press began tracking civilian casualties in April 2005, with at least 2,077 killed as of Wednesday. The deadliest months in the past two years were November and December 2006, when at least 2,250 and 2,309 were killed, respectively.

Inside Baghdad: At least 1,125 violent deaths, down 23 percent from 1,453 in January before the security crackdown began.

Outside Baghdad: Violent deaths totaled at least 952 in May, more than double the 458 in January.

Bodies found: Sectarian death squads are usually blamed for bodies that are found. No data for May. Since April 1, almost 1,900 bodies have been found across Iraq, including 1,157 in Baghdad.

Security personnel: At least 237 security personnel, including soldiers and police, have been reported killed in May, up from 90 in January. The number is the most for any month since July 2005.