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26 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. piegrrrl says:

    Hey! Why’d ya photoshop the knife out of Lady McBush’s hand? 😉

  2. themis says:

    No words – just that sound effect from the shower scene in Psycho.

  3. Michael says:

    OK, I did a little retouching–I put a Friedman Unit stick in her hand– and the caption to the modified version is, “It’s gotta be straight through the heart, Laura…otherwise George will come back to life.”

  4. Pope Impious XXIII says:

    Hmm.. I don’t really have a caption, but if I did I’m pretty sure it would involve fisting.

  5. Reba says:

    Lizzie? I’m done practicing. Hand me the axe.

  6. inkybrain says:

    So I was playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega, and Subzero totally yanked off Johnny Cage’s head like this! It is imperative we allow our brave troops in the field to utilize this critical enhanced interrogation technique.

  7. So_Cal_Jason says:

    “So George grabs the horse like this…stop me if you’ve heard this one.”

  8. Paul in LA says:

    ‘So I grab three Iraqi girls by their hair, and scream at them, “Do you khow who I am?” and they just scream.’
    And then I ate their livers with a little Chianti (that’s wine).

  9. Schwa says:

    Toriaizu kaete shimasu.

  10. Coyoteville says:

    Fight the power! Right on!

  11. forcedlefty says:

    If I hear George say “stay the course” or “surge” one more time, I’m going to grab him by the neck and squeeze like this. Don’t read into this my anger over his extracurriculars with Condee.

  12. r@d@r says:

    inkybrain: an acquaintance of mine in the hardcore punk scene of the early 80’s started making a gesture like that on stage, which he and the rest of the band knew was an upraised version of the “jerkoff” gesture, just to see if the slavish poseurs in the audience would imitate it, thinking it was some cool “Oi!” thing. they did, and all of our faith in humanity was restored.

  13. spocko says:

    And as god is my witness I’ll never kill again!

  14. virgotex says:

    “Do not, I repeat, do not try this without lube!”

  15. ygdrasl says:

    plastic surgery alert! new eye job!
    I wonder who at the Smithsonian has to document Laura’s ever-evolving face.

  16. anonymouse69 says:

    You VILL learn to read! The propaganda by Herr Broder, Herr Krauthammer, Herr Novakula, Herr Coulter, Herr Friedman, and the rest of the Ministry of Disinformation vill not vork if you don’t know how to read!

  17. Tom Beck says:

    Come seven, come eleven! If I can win big, I’m blowing that big white shack and that stupid moron and taking up with Lindsey Lohan!

  18. pansypoo says:

    face tune-up needed. time for her botox.

  19. squirm says:

    “Nobody has it harder than us, God damn it! NOBODY! You hear me?!”

  20. larryell says:

    Once you have George by the balls like this, his brain starts to focus…

  21. Tena says:

    “Well, I wasn’t quite sure if he was really dead after I ran over him, so I had to get out and pick up a rock, and I held like this and then I hit him.”
    I’m so going to hell.
    Pull this if you find it objectionable.

  22. Sandia Blanca says:

    “Who said that? Who said this outfit looks like polka-dotted poop? C’mon up here and say it to my face!”

  23. “Ten minutes ago, this diamond was a lump of coal!”

  24. Paida says:

    I WILL have a fur coat made out of those 101 dalmations or I will take Karl Rove’s balls and …

  25. Paida says:

    Oh yeah and Tena, I wouldn’t worry about hell – after this administration is over there will not be room for you…

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