The Most Hated Man In The World

Your President.

President George W. Bush will skip a visit to a central Rome neighborhood for security reasons, a move that highlighted fears of possibly violent demonstrations against his visit to the city on Saturday.

The Sant’Egidio Roman Catholic community, which has been nominated several times for the Nobel peace prize, said on Friday they were told by U.S. officials that Bush would not visit their headquarters in the Trastevere neighborhood.

Trastevere is one of Rome’s oldest quarters, made up of narrow, cobbled alleys difficult for a motorcade to negotiate.


The [US] embassy advised U.S. citizens to avoid the anti-Bush protests. “To avoid becoming targets of opportunity, Americans should avoid the demonstrations, bearing in mind that violence may erupt,” it said on its Web site.

A big anti-Bush march is planned to wind through the city for several miles between two large squares. Police said they feared the demonstrations may turn violent.


“He would probably get a warmer welcome in Cuba,” said Roberto Calderoli, senator from the opposition Northern League.

Italian security officials had been nervous about Bush visiting Trastevere. Rome authorities had planned to effectively shut down the entire neighborhood while Bush was there.

AP Photo/Jens Meyer

9 thoughts on “The Most Hated Man In The World

  1. “… Americans should avoid the demonstrations, bearing in mind that violence may erupt,”
    Avoid them, more like join them.
    And geez you go away from the site for a few days and then you come back and find the furniture moved around and the place repainted.
    Looks good!

  2. Things are really bad in the heart of public opinion when you can’t even visit the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize because of the risk of violence.
    Of course, a former President and Peace Prize nominee even had bad things to say about Bush.
    All that’s left is for the Dahli Lama to cuss him out.

  3. the bot’s clamdiggers are waaaaaay too long…or am I wrong to assume she is trying to appeal to the Laura Petrie Fetishist Club?

  4. “All that’s left is for the Dalai Lama to cuss him out.”
    Worse than that. He knows the demon that has Boy Wonder as his pet.
    • It’s not only in Washington that things get done by bribes, inducements, and threats. ‘Nuff said.
    (I hear I can get three lives as a snail for making jokes about the Dalai Lama. I hope you enjoyed it).

  5. Will no one tell the First Lady about full-length three-way mirrors? They have those now, where you can see how your bum looks in too-short jackets and tapered-leg trousers. Sheesh!

  6. See this is what will happen when you act without any mercy on human beings,You have to pay for your mistakes Mr.Bush..Lot will waiting for you in the coming years.If you not change yourself even now,perhaps you will not even walk in the US roads..
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