Does Not Understand The Meaning Of “Unqualified Success”

I linked to this below, but I thought it wise to emphasize just how unpopular Chimpy has become in his own party.

President Bush called it an “unqualified success,” but this year’s President’s Dinner, which raises money to support GOP congressional candidates, raised almost 50 percent less than last year.

The dinner’s take — $15.4 million — was a stark illustration of the changed political circumstances for Bush, who broke all known fundraising records in getting and keeping the White House.

Last year, when Bush headlined the same dinner, the event raised $27 million. This year’s take is less than 60 cents for every dollar raised in 2006.

3 thoughts on “Does Not Understand The Meaning Of “Unqualified Success”

  1. When someone as horribly, disastrously, painfully unqualified as Dear Leader carries the title he carries to a multi-million dollar fund-raising (eponymous, if that’s the word I mean before coffee) “dinner” for a national political party … maybe that was what he meant by An Unqualified Success.

  2. Sure, the lower amounts of dosh relates to the cratering popularity of Dubya specifically and the reeps in geneal, but the amount still disgusts me to no end. What favors and subsidies does that money buy?
    Time for publically-financed elections!

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