Just because kitty blogging: Emergency vet visit edition


Let me preface this with the fact that Willie B will eat anything and everything.

So I came home to find that Willie had vomited and I mean an enormous amount. He was howling like a female cat in heat and then vomitted once again into my Croc shoe. That actually was a good place–easy to clean. Way to go Willie!

I suspected I knew the problem. The other day Willie ate the drawstring off a pair of pajamas. I managed to pull some out of his mouth but it was obvious that perhaps a 6″ piece or more was missing. So given the vomiting I freaked out a bit and off to the vet we went. Willie freaked out in the car. He hates car rides. The 2 times he rode in a car in New Orleans he howled and got himself so worked up he was foaming at the mouth.

Well after several hours at the vet and more CaChing than I care to think about it, it does appear he has something in him. We’re hoping the proper food and laxative will work it out. If not it’s back to the vet.

Right now he is drinking A LOT of water. I hope he’ll eat the laxative I have to give him later…

20 thoughts on “Just because kitty blogging: Emergency vet visit edition

  1. Oh dear, I hope it all comes out all right. Gawd, that was a bad pun. I will just say this too shall pass?
    Take care of little Willie B. He’s got so many fans. My 4 cats are getting jealous.

  2. Well I just tried to give him some of the laxative in a syringe as they suggested and got pretty beat up by Willie. So then I just put it on my finger and he ate it right up.
    Maybe if I put the next dose on my pajamas???

  3. I had to force-feed a cat years ago, and found that ski gloves worked pretty well.
    Could be worse — could be a dog. Some of them will apparently eat anything.

  4. Have you consulted NTodd? IIRC, one of his kidz ate part of a tennis ball and it wreaked intestinal havoc.
    I’m reassured your vet tried laxatives first, rather than surgery. Cats have really short intestinal tracts, it’s hard to believe much of the string is still left.
    My ex and I used to joke about a vet problem could not be fixed until the proper amount of money had been rubbed on it.
    Hang in there, stay calm, Alfie sends his best. keep us all posted.

  5. good luck. just had to give pansy some meds. damn that cat esaped. hiding under beds. this time easy to drag her out by her neck this time. she doe not like the car either. doesn’t foam tho. just sheds and complains. taint the vomit deposits great? once she ate the elastic gold thing around bissinger chocolate box. found little gold bits in her poop.
    gotta be careful with yarn.

  6. a vet problem could not be fixed until the proper amount of money had been rubbed on it.

    Oh, God, my vet can attest to this. I swear the last time I was at ours, I heard my credit card scream in pain.

  7. Are you sure that it was the string was the problem? Do me a favor and make sure what you are feeding him isn’t on the recalled pet food list at http://www.petfoodtracker.com
    (and tell Kim there that I said hi!)
    New foods have been added every week. We are also looking at acetaminophen in foods that are yet to be recalled!
    Oh and one trick that works when trimming cats nails? wrap them with a towel.

  8. Let me (us) know if you’re gonna need any help with the lucre. Don’t be shy.
    My best to you both.

  9. willie b…eating strings. silly kitty – see where that gets ya?
    hope he’s all better soon, scout. i’m sending lots of kitty love to both of you. 🙂

  10. I hope (and think) Willie will be fine. I have had many textile-loving animals over the years, and whatever I couldn’t pull out the front always came out the back. Maybe he’ll learn from this…probably not.

  11. Pobrecito! I’ve had cats who ate rubberbands and cats who licked the finish off photos and cats who ate the corners off paperback books. Both you and Willie have my sympathy. May he have the constitution of my sister’s labrador, who has survived eating pea gravel, bicycle seats and the bumper of a BMW.

  12. Oh, I don’t know whether I should feel more sorry for Willie B, because he’s got a big tummyache, or Scout, because she’s got a whackload of anxiety to go with the pain in her wallet. Soothing vibes and big hugs to you both, in hopes that Willie B will be his adorable normal self again soon. Hang in there, Scout.
    Peace, V.

  13. Regina, Olivia and Quin all send their positive healthy kitty vibes to Willie B. Having taken Reggie to the emergency vet when I thought she’d swallowed one of my embroidery needles (all was well, and who knows where the needle really went), I understand both the freakout factors–worry over their health, and worry over the expense. I actually ran a tab at the emergency vet for a while when my Clio was having a lot of problems. She’d always get sickest on the weekends.
    Anyhoo, I hope Willie B is well. We need some happy pet stories.

  14. Had a kitty years ago who slowly ate all the nylon fringe off a rug – knew this after I started finding bits of fringe in the yard. Years later, had a kitten who ate (& finally passed) a used condom. Yep, they’ll eat most anything! Get well soon Willie B.

  15. Poor Willie B. A cat with a tummyache is no picnic for you either. I once had a cat who ate the hair off a troll doll, 3 nylon hairbands and Christmas tree tinsel – and still lived to the ripe old age of 17. Get well soon Willie.

  16. Scout –
    Have you tried canned pumpkin pie filling (not solid packed pumpkin)? Our vet swears by it. Let Willie B have about an ounce of it per mealtime; the fiber in the pumpkin will help bind whatever he’s swallowed and draw water to his intestines so he’ll want to move things along. And, the pie filling is sweet & creamy, so cats (at least mine) love it.
    Good luck, and get well soon Willie B!

  17. Tremendous sympathies go out to you. My cat ate a yard of ribbon off a birthday present less than 6 months after I brought him into my home, and I wound up having to have surgery to take it out. He has recovered nicely since then, but I can fully sympathize and relate to the concern. I hope it all works itself out (no pun intended).

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