Blumenthal Gets It

On the importance of Bush’s verbal blunders.

Bush’s amusing gaffes should not divert attention from the gravity of his underlying decline. Though his verbal hilariousness has been present since the beginning, his miscues, misstatements and mistakes now highlight a foreign policy in utter disarray.


In Rome, on June 9, a reporter asked Bush about setting a deadline for Kosovo independence. “What? Say that again?” “Deadline for the Kosovo independence?” “A decline?” “Deadline, deadline.” “Deadline. Beg your pardon. My English isn’t very good.” Bush then declared, “In terms of the deadline, there needs to be one. This needs to come — this needs to happen.” The next day, asked when he would set a deadline, he replied, “I don’t think I called for a deadline.” Reminded of his previous statement, Bush said: “I did? What exactly did I say? I said, ‘Deadline’? OK, yes, then I meant what I said.”

4 thoughts on “Blumenthal Gets It

  1. You really have to be concerned for the world. Can it survive another 18 months of America having a deranged President? Now the Palestine “government” is finished, and civil war is underway there. Iraq is deteriorating every week. Iran knows it faces an American attack. North Korea…who knows? Russia is reviving the cold war. America is openly arming former USSR states against Russia.
    The worst has yet to happen. Heckuvajob George.

  2. Yeah, the 2.0 version of the Bush presidency is definitely a big step … not necessarily forwards.

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