You Had So Much Promise

So I’ve been watching Veronica Mars, because my baby sister was kind enough to lend me the DVDs, and as a result of that show I’ve had this song on permanent repeat:


3 thoughts on “You Had So Much Promise

  1. virgotex says:

    Whaddya think of VM?
    Have you had that split second where you have to remind yourself that Veronica doesn’t have super powers?
    I loved and adored the first two seasons.

  2. Athenae says:

    I love Keith Mars with every fiber of my being. And I don’t know if it’s some kind of tats-and-leather thing that makes me wish Veronica would dump Logan and run off with Weevil, but I’m only halfway through the second season.
    It does make me miss Buffy something fierce. Especially when Willow shows up.

  3. Tracey in AZ says:

    Ahh…Veronica Mars. Love it. Miss it. Please, CW, bring it back.

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