10 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: Renegade Edition

  1. Well, I’m not happy with Obama. Give me some righteous anger and some serious talk about dismantling the bush administration and punishing the evildoers already. I don’t want a new politics–frankly I htink we are stuck with the old one–so tell me how you are going to right this ship of state. Because talking about rising above the fray works about as well as…well, chose your own d#mn metaphor.

  2. For what it’s worth, Obama’s essay in the most recent issue of Foreign Policy about how the U.S. needs to fix its, well, its foreign policy (duh) is quite good. In rather marked contrast to the essay by Mitt Romney in the same issue (Shorter Romney: stay the course and stop bitching at Republicans, or you’re helping Osama eat white American babies) Obama did a very nice job of pointing out how the foreign policy successes of the last 100 years all came under Democratic leadership (Truman, for example, with the Marshall Plan). He also pointed out that each of these successes were built upon the notion that by helping other nations succeed, we end up helping ourselves.
    I’m still uncertain about my support for Obama–his fair-weather friendliness to other Democrats has me a more than a bit concerned. But at least he’s presenting some good ideas in the foreign policy arena. And lord knows we need some there.

  3. my couisin is not a fan of anger. she’s a middlecrat. lots of americans are like. go figure the republikkkans have angry teevee gnews..

  4. Oh, crap. I just read the post on FDL about Obama’s anti-Indian attack on Hillary. I’m a little more certain that I don’t like Obama now. How effing stupid can you get, Barack? Especially with such a mealy-mouthed apology.
    I think we need a new approach to campaign reform–ban the use of passive voice by candidates or elected officials.

  5. I think we can look for perfection in our presidential candidates and end up “enjoying” eight more years of disastrous Repub rule, if we can survive such a catastrophe, or we can look for the best of the Democratic candidates and work to get that person elected to office. For now I think the best is Obama, as imperfect as he is. Others feel differently, which is why we hold primary elections.

  6. Hoppy,
    I disagree, and I kind of resent the implication that opposing particular traits in Obama, or preferring another candidate, is making the best the enemy of the good or leading to “eight more years of disasterous republican rule.” Look, Obama is running for president and that’s great. he’s choosing among different strategies to attract voters–if only I had a link to the marvellous piece done at sadly no or maybe it was one of the other fringe blogs about how the search for votes is like the candidate is trying to get into the pants of every voter no matter how old, ugly, and uningterested. Obama has to do what obama has to do to get into the pants of all gthe voters, democratic as well as republican. In my opinion he’s not going about that whole “getting into the pants thing” the right way *for the voters he wants to attract.* And, in addition, he’s not doing it the right way to attract me. that doesn’t mean I won’t vote for him, so please don’t lay the utter failures of the democratic party at my feet or at the feet of any other voter.
    I think Obama is mistaking process talk for action, and mistaking happy make nice talk for attracting actual voters. That’s my opinion about his *strategy* given what I’ve been hearing from swing voters/republican voters who are watching our primary because they are sick of their own candidates.
    obama is forgetting that lots of disappointed bush voters voted for bush because he promised to ‘change the tone’ in washington and bring an end to divisiveness. To the extent that they are disillusioned with Bush they are also pretty well aware that they let themselves get suckered by just this kind of nice talk last time. its true they’ve gotten sick of bush’s rhetorical style and his shoot from the hip politics but they are not going to go for the same old same old wine in new bottles from Obama. They actually have the memory of hte last two elections, like a burn from a coal, on their mind.
    That’s my opinion of the politics of the general election. The primary is, of course, a different matter but I think what I’m hearing is this in spades: enough inspiration, what are you planning to do to save us? And also: stop sounding like you don’t think republicans and conservatives are the problem. As a loyal democrat I’m tired of feeling like *I’m* the ghost at my own party.

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