As Long As We Can Land A Helicopter On The Roof We’re Cool

It’s Not Easy Being [The] Green [Zone]

The U.S. military acknowledged “an increasing pattern of attacks” against the Green Zone, a day after a mortar barrage against the heavily fortified area sent soldiers and contractors scrambling for cover.

Militants fired a volley of mortar rounds into the Green Zone, which houses the U.S. and British embassies, as well as the Iraqi government on the west bank of the Tigris River, officials said. The U.S. Embassy said no casualties were reported, but the attack was the latest in what has become a nearly daily occurrence despite stringent security measures aimed at protecting the area.

Rear Adm. Mark Fox, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, declined to provide details on the number of attacks against the Green Zone, which is also known as the International Zone, but said they were increasing.

“It’s clear that there is an attempt to get lucky shots, and there is unquestionably an increasing pattern of attacks here against the International Zone. There’s no doubt about that,” Fox said at a joint news conference with Iraqi military spokesman Qassim al-Moussawi.

3 thoughts on “As Long As We Can Land A Helicopter On The Roof We’re Cool

  1. What is it going to take, a ‘lucky shot’ out of the hundreds of rounds that takes out someone really important until they notice back in D.C. That not even the Green Zone is safe?
    What is our response? Attack Iran!

  2. For an administration that has spent so much time worrying about the “message” various Democratic positions send to the enemy or to the Iraqi people, they seem curiously tone-deaf to the message being sent by their inability to control an area of Baghdad large enough to put the Green Zone out of mortar range.

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