Americans think America is a Looser!

A new Gallup Poll reveals that fewer than 3 in 10 Americans saying the United States is winning the war on terror — the lowest figure since the 9/11 attacks.

Further, while most Americans consider the war in Afghanistan part of the war on terror, more than half reject the idea that the war in Iraq is.

Results of the June 11-14 national survey of 1,007 adults find that that 29% of Americans say the United States is winning, while 20% say the terrorists are winning and 50% say neither side. Independents and Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to doubt U.S. progress, but even so only 53% of Republicans feel we have the upper hand.

Concerning Iraq, 43% say it is part of war on

4 thoughts on “Loosers!

  1. Presumably, you mean “Loser” (meaning someone who loses) rather than “Looser” (meaning less tight)?
    (Sorry, it’s a pet peeve)

  2. What Sasha said. “Looser” is what I wish my pants were when I eat too much. 😉

  3. Um, guys — “looser” is a common misspellenig of “loser” among trolls.
    Satire. It’s not for everyone.

  4. Maybe the trolls need to tighten up — their commitment to the war through personal participation, eh?

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