Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, in Athens, Alabama, on energy.

The Global War On Subjects Begins

Put a good man who understands nuclear power as the head of the Energy Department, Sam Bodman.

When Other Words Go Bad

In order to keep pace with our nuclear energy needs, experts believe it will be necessary to build an average of three new plants per year starting in 2015. In other words, it’s one thing to talk about nuclear power; it’s another thing to have — understand the strategy necessary.

Move Forward Nucular Power

I appreciate the fact that the TVA is making decisions to move forward nuclear power.

Why We Set It Up

We launched the nuclear power initiative, which is a partnership between industry and the U.S. government, to reduce regulatory and other barriers to the development of new nuclear power plants. That’s why we set it up.

A Full Explanation Of The Nucular Permitting Process

Under the old system, the permitting process was slow. Some of the older hands here might remember that. It was cumbersome, because it limited builders to completing only one step at a time before moving on. You could only do one thing, and then there would be regulatory deals, and another thing — and it just took a long time.

The Global War On Subjects Continues

In other words, to get this industry started, put some incentives out there for people that would be spending the money to get the plants going.

What An Issue Is

We’re working to settle the issue of storage for nuclear waste. That’s an issue.

Another Issue

When the price of oil goes up for whatever reason overseas, it affects the price of gasoline here in northern Alabama. So there is an economic issue for being dependent on oil.

An Example, Not An Issue

One such example is — that we’re spending your money on is for clean coal technologies.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Gasoline is oil. You know, so when you say I’m using gasoline, you really are using oil. Because that’s how — that’s where gasoline comes from.

Must Encourage Ethanol

And so one idea that we’re working on is to encourage ethanol, which works. See, if you’re driving your automobile based upon something a farmer grows here in northern Alabama, as opposed to something that’s as a result of buying from overseas — makes sense to me.

Ward, I Think You’re Being A Bit Too Hard On The Beaver

The senator and the congressmen are working hard on me about the drought that you’ve got here.

What Some Parts Of The Country Have Got

But some parts of our country need to — have got dry country and they can grow some switchgrass.

Talkin’ It

So I appreciate you letting me come by and talk a little energy. You live it, I’m talking it.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Wow. What condescension to tell people — anyone over the age of 6 — that gasoline comes from oil. Just amazing.

  2. No wonder his oil businesses were all failures–the idiot has the knowledge of a three-year old when it comes to petroleum and newkular energy. Why do people keep giving him money? Pity?
    Of course, now that he’s preznit, he can now offer power and influence for the big bucks, instead of dry wells.

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