Emblematic of it all


This strikes me as such…

There were no takers for a piano signed by Fats Domino in an auction to raise money for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Not one offer. Man. Christ. {{hangs head}}

Here is the great Fats Domino singing “Ain’t that a Shame”

5 thoughts on “Emblematic of it all

  1. If I had >$100,000 to spare, sure.
    But reaching into my pocket I’m looking at maybe $50 and something that appears to be an M&M.
    Great vid! Thanks!

  2. razorboy says:

    That is just sad. Like hearing that the birds and bees are all dying off. And no one gives a damn. Well, almost no one. Too bad someone couldn’t drop that piano on some republican hard head and at least get a little use out of it.

  3. Eli says:

    Hey, no-one told me about it. Also, my childhood piano lessons really didn’t “take”.

  4. Ivyfree says:

    I take it Fats Domino was a musician?

  5. Robert Earle says:

    “I take it Fats Domino was a musician?”
    Oh, ain’t THAT a shame!

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